Genos Digital Launch Week

Genos International has been hard at work the last year with new innovations, products and programs.

We’re excited to announce that Genos Digital is here! Join us for a Genos Digital launch session to learn all you need to know about working with this new innovative platform.





until Genos Digital is launched!

Genos Digital takes participants through a powerful learning experience that helps transform their feedback into a set of actionable behaviours to improve how well they demonstrate their emotional intelligence.

Integrating the latest technologies and a unique approach to creating interactive content, Genos Digital walks people through videos, smart processes and practical development steps.

People not only identify how to improve their emotional intelligence, they can connect with their coach, manager and others within their group to help support their learning and development.

With Genos Digital, you can now offer your clients the opportunity to upskill an individual, team or their entire workforce with a completely paperless, streamlined process. Genos Digital was created to add to the powerful Genos product line, not to replace the traditional, effective debrief process we know so well – but to provide you with more opportunities and options to support your clients’ needs.


Global Launch Sessions

We're hosting 3 events on the week of November 17th - 19th to accommodate our global community. Please join Ben Palmer & the Genos team and the team for a launch overview where we’ll walk you through the key features and share ways you can maximise on this exclusive new offering.

Feel free to join whichever event suits you best!

Genos Australia

November 17th at 12:00pm AEST

Genos Europe

November 18th at 12:00pm BST

Genos North America

November 18, 2020 01:00 PM ET

What's the Agenda?


Showcasing Genos Digital.


Hosting a debrief with Genos Digital at individual & group level.


Planning, coaching and debriefing.


Launching our new Genos Report Covers and Branding.

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